Owner and Designer, Bianca Dabney, founded her Canada and Houston based minimalistic brand BIDA with the vision of unifying style, comfort and sustainability. Stemming from Bianca’s personal life experiences and passions BIDA provides contemporary casual pieces for socially conscious individuals.

From a young age Bianca’s interests always revolved around fashion and sports, playing competitive volleyball for 5 years and modelling since 2011. Working in the fashion industry really allowed Bianca to appreciate and love the industry for everything it entails, but it was during a 2-month backpacking trip to SE Asia that Bianca’s mindset shifted from overconsuming to living consciously.

On this trip Bianca lived out of a backpack for 2 months, something she didn’t think would be possible, and she appreciated how simple and easy it was. While visiting Cambodia in particular, the amount of clothing waste that was piled on the streets was saddening to her, especially coupled with the large amounts of clothes being produced and sold in their markets. After this trip Bianca started incorporating sustainable and minimalistic values into her life and found supporting a positive movement to be much more fulfilling than overconsuming.

Soon after graduating University Bianca decided to turn her hobby of fashion sketches into reality and launched BIDA. BIDA is a shortened version of Bianca’s first and last name, Bianca Dabney, and unifies style, comfort and sustainability. This is reflected through Bianca’s minimalistic clothing designs and sustainable and ethical brand values. All of her designs are created with the mantra in mind, Clothes You Can Live In, focusing on simplicity, comfortability, versatility, and sustainability.

Minimalism plays a key role in Bianca’s designs and core values. She creates versatile pieces that can blend seamlessly into any closet, promoting more wear and less waste. By focusing on sustainable functional fabrics, with a hint of sporty edge, Bianca creates effortlessly cool silhouettes to be worn from day to night. Women who wear BIDA know they can feel good while doing good. Ensuring quality and ethical fashion practices, each collection is crafted from sustainable fabrics with BIDA's ethical partner factory in Bali, Indonesia.


On go, working, travelling, staying active, running errands, out for brunch and dinners all while staying on point. The #BIDAbabe is passionate about health, beauty, and environmental betterment. She is a go getter and believes in the value of quality and sustainable fashion. She always appreciates the beauty in simplicity.