BIDA was founded with the vision of unifying style, comfort, and sustainability through minimalistic clothing. Owner and designer, Bianca Dabney, has poured her passion and life experiences into the brand to provide ethical fashion for the socially conscious consumer.

Having worked as a model for many years, Bianca adored the world of fashion. But during a two-month backpacking trip throughout SE Asia, she saw the impact of over-consumerism and the waste generated by the clothing industry. Saddened but motivated, her mindset shifted toward adopting a more conscious, minimal lifestyle.  

Bianca had always dreamed of owning a clothing boutique, and she now identified a need to offer affordable sustainable fashion. After graduating, she established BIDA, blending her love of design with her ethical values and her favored minimal aesthetic. The brand name is an abbreviation of her first and last names - further testament to her love of minimalism.

All BIDA clothing is designed locally by Bianca Dabney, with a focus on using low-impact materials and promoting more wear, less waste. BIDA's partner manufacturer in Bali, Indonesia, practices ethical working conditions and shares Bianca's commitment to sustainability.

Everything Bianca creates is wearable for multiple occasions, from day to night, from the gym to brunch, from the office to cocktails. She designs versatile clothing in functional fabrics for the modern woman who wants to look, feel, and do good. Pieces are effortlessly chic with a contemporary twist that keeps them fresh and covetable. These are #ClothesYouCanLiveIn that will be loved and worn for a lifetime.


On the go, working, travelling, staying active, out for brunch and dinners all while staying on point. The #BIDAbabe is passionate about health, beauty, and environmental betterment. She is a go getter and believes in the value of quality and sustainable fashion. She always appreciates the beauty in simplicity.