Inspired by minimalism and casual luxury, Bianca Dabney founded BIDA in 2018. By reimagining simplicity, BIDA blends the realms of contemporary fashion with uncomplicated designs. Bianca wants women who wear BIDA to feel empowered and confident through their amazing outfits and knowing what the brand they wear stands for.

Bianca has adopted a life of more sustainable and minimalistic practices and these efforts are extended through BIDA. By providing simple, versatile, and quality pieces BIDA promotes more wear, less clothing waste. When possible, BIDA pieces are made with environmentally friendly materials such as Tencel, Lyocell, Bamboo, and Organic Cotton. BIDA partners with manufactures who share the belief of quality, sustainable and ethical practices. From ensuring top quality control measures are in place from fabric selection to construction, to ethical working conditions and extra fabric donations.

BIDA reimagines simplicity creating #ClothesYouCanLiveIn